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not a police officers bullet that killed the man. >> reporter: gasia, we just got out of a press conference with police and the san francisco medical examiner. according to autopsy results that have just been analyzed, the fatal bullet that struck kenneth harding was not fired by officers. >> the bullet which was removed from his head is not consistent with the service ammunition used by the san francisco police department. >> reporter: that bullet was .380 caliber. officers use .40 caliber. he had bolted from a nummi during an inspection and fired at police. one bullet shot an officer in the ankle. but the coroner says that it
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appears harding shot himself. >> the investigation is still ongoing into whether or not there was intention or accidental act. >> reporter: police say that the gun recovered they thought was hardings is not. that gun was picked up from the b.a.r.t. station and has not been returned. we have a view of union square, this is a protest going on right now in front of the grand hyatt. that is located on stockton street. stockton right now is shutdown as a result of this. these are hotel workers there, they are upset over what they call workplace abuses, exclusively lack of pay and work conditions that they think are unfair. they are participating as you see there what is civil disobedience. we have seen at least two
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people being taken away by police. happening right now on stockton street just up from union square. right in front of the hyatt. we'll continue to cover this. because this is a very crucial area of san francisco specifically during the evening commute. a very busy area for drivers and this is going to cause some major problems tonight. now other news, b.a.r.t. today released dramatic video from the platform when police officers shot and killed a man. ktvu's david stevenson is here now with the pictures and what those pictures show, david. >> reporter: frank, just under two hours ago, b.a.r.t. police released that video it's a key piece of evidence in this officer involved shooting. the surveillance video was filmed july 3rd on b.a.r.t. platform number one on san francisco civic station. it shows two b.a.r.t. police officers responding to the platform. the officer who fired his gun can be seen here putting on
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gloves to deal with the suspect. 41-year-old charles hill. but moments later with passengers behind him he draws his weapon and fires at least three shots. b.a.r.t. police say the shots came after the suspect cut one officer with a bottle and threatened him with a raised knife. this blue circle shows how the suspect threw that knife past the officer. it bounced off the b.a.r.t. train inside the busy station. >> the officers are trained to take their surroundings, the backdrop in the event. they have to resort to firing their weapon, they take those type of things into account. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. police display the 8-inch knife they say hill threw at the officer along with another one they say was found near him near the platform. there are four investigations into the shooting which has brought ruckus protest and allegations of police misconduct. the video shows b.a.r.t.
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officers and b.a.r.t. passengers but not hill. now coming up at 6:00, b.a.r.t. officers talk about why the officer who had a taser did not use it during that confrontation. david stevenson, ktvu. developing news now on the nfl lock out. just about 45 minutes ago lead commissioner roger gudel announced that owners ratified a tale with the union association. owners voted 31-0 to accept the deal. now this tentative deal still needs player approve. the four month lock out is the first work stoppage since 1987. we are following developing news concerning the pentagon 17- year-old don't ask don't tell policy. there is word tonight that defense secretary leon panetta is about to certify that gay men and women can openly serve
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in the military. the announcement is expected tomorrow. news of panetta's decision comes after two weeks of officials weeks of decision to repeal. you can see behind me this is still a very active crime scene with a suspect on the lose. union city police have been out here trying to find a burglary suspect who opened fire on officers. this incident started out with a major scare for near by residents some of whom had to be evacuated. that included two six -month-old twins named chase and madoxx.
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this man is their uncle. >> it's not what you want to hear while you're in the middle of work. i just came home as soon as i could. anxious to get to the family and make sure everybody is okay. >> reporter: that happened after a man broke into a home, the victim called police and officers rushed to the scene. >> they were immediately fired upon by an unknown suspect. the officers returned fire, at this point we're unsure whether the suspect has been hit. >> reporter: no officers or residents were hurt. police set up a several block perimeter to try to hold them in. their lock down which had residents sheltering in place left some, even some far from the original scene fearful. >> i don't know why it's happening in this area. it never happened before like this, you know. >> reporter: one man was taken to the hospital in police custody.
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officials say he is an associate of the primary suspect and may have been involved in the crimes today. there are two small remote control robots robots searching through the home trying to find that primary suspect. we have seen elderly folks taken out in wheelchairs and other assistance because they are right in the middle of this scene is an older folks home where they are being cared for and they had to be evacuated for their own safety. live here in union city, i'm john sasaki. the u.s. army today identified one of two soldiers killed in afghanistan today as staff sergeant james m.christen. he was served his third overseas deployment.
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the sheriff's department says they seized 20,000 marijuana plants with a street corral of 35 to $40 million. the sheriff's office also released pictures. deputies found no people at those pot farms but plenty of evidence they were there, including food, camping gear and irrigation equipment. inmates in pelican bay have ended their hunger strike. backers of the hunger strikers say the hunger strike continues. inmates began the hunger strike july 1st to protest. a potentially life saving
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change is coming to ucsf shuttle bus following that deadly accident last week. and sal castaneda is here to tell us what will be added to those buses. >> reporter: one over there has just pulled up. a lot of people use those shuttle buses to get around. but none of those buses have seat belts. and now some are wondering if that would have been the difference between life and death. ucsf says it will begin adding lap belts in the next week and say it is entire fleet should have them by the end of august. ucsf professor kevin mack who was riding to work was killed while shuttling to work. >> i think seat belts on buses would be a good idea. >> reporter: david coleegan was working with dr. mack at the time and regular rides the shuttle. he and others still think it's a safe and valuable service.
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>> it allows people who work for ucsf as well as patients to get around town. it helps the under served community reach their appointments. it's generally a good thing. >> reporter: this is the second fatal collision involving ucsf shuttle buses in the last year. many say they favor anything that would make shuttle buses safer. supervisor ross mercorini says he likes ucsf's decision to add seat belts. >> i hope so. i'm a believer in smart regulation when it comes to enhancing public safety. i think this is a poster child of one example. >> reporter: all right, you see the buses there, we're just about to see this one drive by. pretty soon on this very bus, some where on the bus there's going to be a number you can call if you see any of these buses driving unsafely you can call a 1-800 number. they're also going to add that. tonight here at ucsf there will
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be a memorial service for dr. mack. people told me privately they think a seat belt would have saved his life. sal castaneda. it appears b.a.r.t. drivers have spoken when it comes to train fees. passengers favor cleanliness over comfort. people were asked to write the importance of cleanliness and comfort from one to. cleanliness ranked at 6.3. comfort came in at 5.2. redesigned seats will be a part of b.a.r.t.'s new fleet of trains. the congress and the president are no closer to an agreement on the national debt. president obama, democrats and republicans are trying to reach a compromise. one that would allow them to reach a limit. today the leadership decided not to meet in session this weekend. that leaves any votes until
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next week. >> i think it is just unthort. that's the kindest word i can say. >> i don't think it's right to wait for a decision to materialize. >> reporter: the house has already passed a proposal to cut spending and add a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. the senate plans to vote on the measure saturday and it is not expected to pass. coming up here at 5:30, why a government default could mean a big financial headache for california. meantime word of a new plan to deal with debt crisis lifted stocks here in the united states. european leaders say they are drawing up a new plan to deal with greece's debt. in all the dow improved 152
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points and the nasdaq 20. we continue to monitor a breaking news situation. police and protesters in the street near union square. >> i'm back here in less than 10 minutes. we're going to talk about today being the warmest day of the week. and i'll show you the coolest cities for friday. e, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark!
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we continue to follow breaking news happening right now in san francisco. this is just about one block knot of union square. you can see there are a lot of protesters as well as a lot of police. this is happening in front of a grand hyatt hotel. just one block north of union square. these are hyatt workers and their supporters who are demonstrating against their employer. they say the hyatt has eliminated jobs, replaced long time workers with lower paid temporary workers and they say the hyatt is putting a dangerous workers on some employees there. we have not been able to get in touch with the hyatt to see how
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they respond to these allegations. what you need to know now is there's a major protest going on just a block from the square. the protesters are back on the sidewalk. and traffic appears to be flowing there on the other side in the street. you can see cars on the street there. it appears that protesters are now on the sidewalk. police are standing by, we're going to keep monitoring this. we will bring you more information about 15 minutes as soon as we get it here coming up at 5:30. there is deep concern in the bay area neighborhood following news of an fbi investigation into an alleged kidnapping case involving an elderly woman and her son. the fbi is searching for 55- year-old marshal goldburg. they believe he kidnapped his mother two weeks ago from her home in oregon. investigators say in 2004 goldberg was arrested on suspicion of abusing her.
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authorities also say his mother doris goldberg has alzheimer's disease and needs care. a woman who grew up with goldberg spoke to ktvu today. >> he's just not a well man. and i'm very concerned, for his whereabouts right at this time. i'm hoping he's not close in this area. >> investigators say goldberg may be driving a gold oldsmobile sedan with the license plate sszy023. and we have pictures to show you of a house fire. this is in the area of castle glen road and creek dale road in walnut creek. we saw crews making water drops from the helicopter. and some drivers say that i had could see smoke on i80. some streets were blocked off
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at this point we don't know yet what caused the fire. officials at yosemite national park say they have no plans to add new signs or barriers after three tourists fell to their death tuesday. witnesses say the three all ignored warning signs. one of them a woman slipped and was swept over the 317-foot tall waterfall along with her two friends who tried to save her. >> in case you haven't put away your snow skis yet for the summer. there is a place in the sierra where you can get in one last run this weekend. reporter don josel here to tell us where it is. >> reporter: check it out this is not an optical illusion. it's july 21st and i'm still skiing. there's a record to be set. this saturday july 23rd, boreal is reopening for skiing and
5:19 pm
snow boarding. >> why open this late? >> why not? >> reporter: why not indeed, boreal mountain says it still has snow miles some six to 8 feet deep at a time when clogs and flip-flops are supposed to be kicking up dust, boreal is opening for one final day of skiing and boarding >> we will definitely have a terrain open for a jump maybe two. >> reporter: this will mark the latest day in summer that boreal has ever been open. >> never been later, this is historical. >> reporter: can you believe there's still this much snow up here? >> not everyone even believe it. not this year. >> reporter: way back in 1995 on august 13th, mammoth ski resort opened on august 13th. in tahoe i'm mike desel. ktvu channel 2 news.
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he did almost fall there. those pictures are just remarkable. wow those pictures show what kind of year this has been. >> we were talking about mammoth mountain at the break. they are still skiing. it has been quite a water year and we're not going to see any rain as you know. we're going to see a little more fog. today's fog about as high as they're going to be this week. you have a live shot out toward the golden gate bridge which is obscure. that little bump you see in the fog line there. that's probably the north tower, maybe the south tower creating a little rise there. let's check out chopper 2, you can see it right at the golden gate bridge. that fog is going to start to push its way into the gate tonight and into tomorrow morning. so, the forecast bares out something like this. we are looking for the clouds to increase tonight. more fog. it's going to be slightly cooler tomorrow.
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not a major cool down by the way. just cooler. as we head into the weekend, more of the same. you can say, we looked at the walnut creek shot there the fire that broke out earlier today. we showed you the pictures from live news chopper 2, because of the weather conditions. because of the fog here covering the bay tomorrow morning, and temperatures in the 50s. we're getting a heck of a break on the fire season, we really are. tonight on the coastal fog, we're going to see a good breeze pushing that moist cool air into the bay region. that is going to have a big impact again on our fire danger tomorrow and cooling of temperatures. so when i come back here, in fact, about 5:45 we're going to take a look at your forecast. it includes a forecast for your area, the forecast high. and the five day forecast for a weekend that will be slightly cooler than today. >> that's the sound of clean up after a sprinkler system malfunctioned today.
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prompting sfo officials to shut down a secure area. officials say that travelers were told to go through security at another boarding area and were then bussed to their gate. arnold schwarzenegger legal response to his wife filing for divorce. the two things the former governor says he does not want to be responsible for. >> this place in history secured, the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. making history, how the bay area astronaut aboard atlantis determines his fate. to ban or not to ban? we're following a turn of events surrounding circumcisions. we're continuing the coverage on the major news of
5:23 pm
the day. two major shootings, both with late breaking details. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news.
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a simple problem could undo plans to fly the new york flag right along the rainbow flag. the idea was to celebrate the beginning of same-sex marriages. but the grommets on the new york flag don't match the polls at harvey milk plaza. they're trying to figure out how to go around that. and arnold schwarzenegger says he does not want to pay spousal support or her attorneys fees. shriver and arnold schwarzenegger announced their split. arnold schwarzenegger then admitted he fathered a child
5:26 pm
with a member of their staff. it was the final touchdown of the final shuttle mission. >> having fired the imagination of a generation, a ship like no other its place in history secured, the space shuttle pulls into port for the last time. >> as the wheels of atlantis came down to stop just before dawn, commender chris burgeson says quote, the space shuttle changed the way we look at the world. thousands of people showed up to watch that landing. astronaut rex walhan says space travel never lost its thrill for him. >> i've loved every minute that i was in the program. i want runs in the blood. >> we hope that everybody who has ever envies or admired a
5:27 pm
space shuttle was able to take a little part of the journey with us. >> reporter: private companies are developing new spacecrafts and eventually will take tourists into space. coming up at 5:45, health and science editor john fowler shows us where the space race will take us next. and the role the bay area will play in the next nasa enterprise. a first of its kind experiment is happening right now in this city. how a computer tool used to predict earthquakes is helping police predict crime. in just the past several minutes, protesters here have been moved from the streets to the sidewalks. this is happening live near union square. why the protesters are upset and why the police were standing by. it's really delicious, mom.
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it's not too well done? nope. but it is a job well done. what are you reading, sweetie? her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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modern day police work, coupled with what many of us learned in math class is adding up to safer streets. >> we'll get to that story in a moment. first back to our breaking news. outside the grand hyatt on union square, there are a number of protesters right in front of that hotel which is located on stockton street walking up and down the street. well we are trying to get that live picture back again. officially, they had shutdown stockton street. they said they were going to be involved in civil protest and they were. they were sitting in the street, and police have cleared them out. now stockton is running again. as soon as we get that picture back up we will go back to the protest going on.
5:31 pm
now to the south bay and a new crime fighting tool that police say can predict even prevent crime. you see how this works firsthand with police today, maureen naylor. >> reporter: santa cruz police are the first in the nation to use this algra rhythm now used to predict crime. we followed santa cruz police today. >> this is one of the areas here that we're looking at. >> reporter: into two areas that data shows a burglary is likely to happen. this medical park and this neighborhood. >> the probabilities here showing half residential and half auto related crimes. >> it was right here in this same parking spot. >> reporter: ludini has lived here for a year and has already had his car broken into. >> i had my bike stolen. there's a lot of burglary out
5:32 pm
here. >> reporter: with the city on pace to have the highest burglary in six years they welcome a new alga rhythm. to predict crimes based on eight years of data. >> we think this will revolutionize policing because we won't have more staff, we will not have more money. >> reporter: after typing in recent crime data, a map shows up. with the possibility of a crime happening today the chance of a vehicle or residential burglary at the time most likely to happen. >> in the first three weeks of doing the model so far we found that the model has been able to predict with 70% accuracy the crime and within the hour that it will happen. >> reporter: police say it's a way to keep up with ever changing criminals. right now it's only be used to predict burglary but they hope to track gang violence in the
5:33 pm
future. what looked like a pipe bomb turned out to be a safe. a security guard spotted a cylinder wrapped in black electrical tape. police told the two people inside the building to leave and the alameda county bomb squad moved in. bomb squad officers hit the cylinder with a water cannon and nothing happened. it was concluded it was a safe made to look like a pipe bomb. today a board of supervisors committee heard details on how the city will handle the new 700 new inmates. authorities say they will use electronic home monitoring, alternative sentencing, as well as partnering with other agencies to work with the new inmates. >> we have an opportunity to provide better services for this population so that overtime, and i don't know what the magic time would be.
5:34 pm
but over time you would start seeing these people be more successful at their reentry. and less likely to reoffend. >> the new prisoners will be those who have committed nonserious, nonviolent, and nonsexual offenses. less than two weeks before our country maxes out its credit, california is making contingency plans in the event that congress fails to strike a debt deal. why a federal default could mean a huge financial headache for california. >> reporter: for some california members of congress the consequences of letting time run out on the debt clock are serious. >> america will become a dead beat nation. >> reporter: the threat of a federal default is prompting officials in sacramento to rush out and get a $5 billion loan to have cash on hand in case the nation crashes. already the state faces more
5:35 pm
hurdles to get a loan. it faces higher interest, so if uncle sam goes into default. taxpayers may have to cough up more cost to keep the state running. >> if the cost of borrowing goes up, you would have to go to another place to pay interest. >> reporter: a federal default could also mean delayed federal payments from medicaid, education and infrastructure problems. bay area lawmakers fear it could cost us jobs. >> all of those thing will have a very detierous effect on the state. >> reporter: the bad times could continue because if the debt impasse forces california to lose their jobs and the stock market to drop, the state will be collecting fewer tax dollars making our financial situation even messier. in washington, carol hann, ktvu channel 2 news. the u.s. secretary of labor
5:36 pm
used a backdrop of new hybrid buses to deliver her message of green jobs. they were built in hayward. secretary solis says the fleet is an example of how green technology can also provide new jobs. >> creation of this vehicle is a green job. how many jobs go into building one bus? >> 500. >> 500, 500 teamster members that were helping to assemble a vehicle here. now they can't even keep up with the demand. >> reporter: secretary solis also met with graduates of the joint work force initiative. a program founded by the labor department fund. presidential candidate timpawlenty may be in hot water
5:37 pm
for using footage of the miracle win. it feature clips from the 1980 winter olympic game when the hockey team overbeat the odds and beat the russian team. tim pawlenty may need a come back miracle. a new fox news poll shows him running far behind the republican primary race. mitt romney is in the need backed by 17% of voters. rick perry is second with 14%. michelle bachmann third. giuliani, palin and paul came in at 9%. pawlenty is down to 2%. the commission stays edwards failed to document that he qualified for the money and
5:38 pm
overstated his contributions from other sources. edwards could go to trial. and what ticket master and live nation are trying to eliminate when you go to a concert. it's a modern reason for a problem that's been around for decades. why young people in particular are packing on the pounds.
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the price of a concert ticket is on the rise but it appears that's not affecting how many people are attending concerts. whole star reports ticket sales jumped more than 5% in the first six months of this year. at the same time the price of a concert ticket rose 10% to an average of $67. u2's 360 tour was the top seller. groupon helped boost concert sales. ticket master is leading the charge to issue electronic tickets only. stub hub and raiser gate are eating into their profit. they say scouters buy up tickets and raise the prices.
5:42 pm
environmentalists in santa cruz county are renewing a push for a county wide ban on plastic shopping bags. santa cruz county officials have studied this idea for months. environmentalists say the bags pollute waterways and harm marine life. figures show about 22% of californians reported bing drinking which was defined as consumer one or more drinks. 8% reported using marijuana, and 9% reported using ellis elicit drugs like cocaine. researchers say that body mass index has started increasing sharply for teens in the 1990. among young adults the spike happened in 2002. the spike for the weight gain
5:43 pm
is not determined. but they sited several factors including more time in front of computers and television. women are more at risk -- taller women are more at risk for cancers than shorter women. they looked at the relationship between height and cancer in more than 1 million women. tall peopler have more cells, if you have more cells there's a higher possibility that some of them may become cancerous. a party in mountain view now that the shuttle flights have ended. a bay area company wants to fly to the moon, why? and back here in 10 minutes we're going to talk about temperatures cooling down as we move toward the bay area weekend. airline pilots have been training flight simulators for decades. now air traffic controller have the very same technology, only more precise. also, to ban or not to ban.
5:44 pm
we're following a new turn of events surrounding circumcision. plus we're continuing the updates on breaking news of the day. two separate shootings, both with late breaking details. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. complete bay area news coverage.
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a following breaking news happening in the south bay. that's where a large grass fire is burning in morgan hill. it is threatening homes on the east part of the city. a lot of smoke rising from the fire. again homes are being threatened in the area of mcdonald lane and diana avenue. we're talking about an area just east of highway 101 not too far from the dunn avenue exit. you can see here, a helicopter dropping water on this fire. some 100 firefighters are on the scene. temperatures here are in the mid-80s. we're going to bring bill martin to the story. he's going to tell us how
5:47 pm
weather might be affecting this fire going on in morgan hill. just as the shuttle program is coming to an end. a new private space venture is now beginning. it's called moon express. john fowler is in mountain view and they tell us they have some big plan, don't they. >> reporter: they have a big plan for a party here celebrating the next step in space. returning to the moon. this time to make a profit. so near yet so far away. america has not been to the moon in 39 years. >> so we are not just going there because we have some want to get out of this planet. we want to make the life better on this planet. >> reporter: headed by space entrepreneurs, moon express is developing this moon lander for what they call history's biggest development. >> they could help us explore
5:48 pm
space and beyond. >> reporter: with $100 million in private capital, they look to head to landing and return platinum. >> if you want to get to the moon, that's us. >> reporter: the first customer might be a telescope for the dark side of the moon. >> what we did on the apollo, we explored with the most primitive tools. we have a lot more to do. >> reporter: they say their vision is actually making a business out of trips to the moon. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. julie haener is live in the newsroom now with some of the stories we're working on for the news at 6:00, julie. >> new efforts tonight to stop the bloodshed in richmond.
5:49 pm
the plan to break the cycle of gang violence. and the change for a mother where change comes too late. and the reason officials say this bay area training is better than the rest. and san francisco's circumcision ban grabs attention in sacramento. the new law that could put a stop on that controversial idea. that story and much more coming up. take a look at this amazing picture we're going to put on the screen. that is a great white shark. listen to this, it ago skhully jumped on to the deck of a research boat -- it actually jumped on the deck of a research boat in south africa. researchers say they were chumming the water and keeping an eye on four sharks when this one jumped on to their boat. they had to use a crane to get it back in the water. we just showed live pictures and we have them
5:50 pm
again. it's a fire that's burned 4 acres of dry land. it's happening on mcdonald and diana avenue. we understand homes are being threatened at this point. we're going to bring chief meteorologist bill martin to this picture. tell us how weather is affecting it as we see it. >> when we see it you might say, this doesn't look like much of a fire. the daytime high in morgan hill was 95 degrees. but right now humidity nearing 30%. for firefighters, we just lost our live picture. for firefighters the situation is pretty good. hopefully they will keep a handle on that. fire conditions in the bay area, nothing like they were last year, very mild fire conditions. so looks like firefighters have a handle on that and let's hope so. we'll update you on that. let's go live to the storm tracker 2 which is depicting fog making their its way
5:51 pm
through the bay -- making its way through the bay. this should be the warmest day of the week as we go through the weekend. temperatures trend down a little bit, as i always say the upshot to that is fire danger drops off as well. it's interesting, isn't it. the last couple of days we've had a couple of warm days and a couple of fires. we haven't been talking much in the way of fires. hopefully that's one in morgan hill will remain small. the forecast for fog in the morning, there's more of a fog imprint tomorrow. today was the warmest day, temperatures trending down. fog goes away pretty rapidly tomorrow. but temperatures instead of mid- 90s, upper 80s. going through the bay area microclimate. upper 70s or mid-70s in the oakland hills. as you head out to contra costa county, you're going to see temperatures in the mid-80s. temperatures slightly cooler tomorrow. the cool down continues as we
5:52 pm
go into your daytime highs for tomorrow. 88 in pittsburg, 88 in pleasanton. temperatures down. higher and cooler at the coast. it's been a foggier climate at the coast. tomorrow there'll be fog. the five day forecast with of course your weekend in view. you're looking at plenty of sunshine but just temperatures trending down. a lessened fire danger. and we'll keep an eye on that fire. talk about a domino effect. how a single sea gull caused a major inconvenience for hundreds of homes and businesses.
5:53 pm
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more live pictures of breaking news from morgan hill. a wildfire that is burning on the east side of the city specifically near mcdonald and diana avenue. as you can see there are some homes in the area and those homes are threatened. the fire at last report only 30% contained. we're working to get more information. we will have that new information for you at 6:00. >> now to the city where a sea gull had an unfortunate encounter with a power line in san francisco that left
5:56 pm
hundreds of homes and business without power. >> the lights were flickering, next thing you know everything went dead. >> near by business also lost power. pg & e crew says a bird flew into the line, split the line. >> we just let the bird be. and it went into the power line. >> late this afternoon, shelter officials told us the bird suffered a broken wing, was electrocuted and had to be euthanized. this outage left machines idle. pg & e crews began patching the line. most homeowners had the power back by 10:00. coming up in 90 seconds. memorials are growing for those lost to gunfire. new evidence shows that san francisco police did not fire
5:57 pm
the fatal shot that killed kenneth harding. the one item police still need to recover in their investigation of his death.
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this young man's fatal confrontation with san francisco police has sparked outrage in the bay view district. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. first we have breaking news from near morgan hill. this is a live picture from news chopper 2 of a fire that is burning on the east side of that city. specifically at mcdonald and diana avenue. this is an area where you can see there is a lot of open space. but there are also a number of homes as well and from what we understand, several homes are threatened. the fire so far has burned about 40 to 50 acres. at last report it was about 30% contained. i just talked to our chief meteorologist bill martin about our weather conditions down there. he says right now 83 degrees with light winds. so the weather here really isn't a factor in terms of hampering efforts to put this fire out. there are about 100 firefighters on the scene from calfire, santa clara county

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